Blanket octopus

A mystery , do you know about blanket octopus,

We have all seen octopus, but have you seen this one? It is called the blanket octopus. Such a peculiar name comes from its peculiar appearance. There is a thin muscle membrane between the four arms and legs of this octopus. Its elegant figure is like a dream when swimming.

What we saw was a female blanket octopus, which may be over 2 meters long. But male blanket octopuses are typically only a few centimeters long. Male blanket octopuses spend their entire lives searching for females. When males encounter a female, they fill one of their tentacles with sperm and rip it off the body. The female uses this tentacle to fertilize her eggs. (Generally, the female will not notice the mating behavior during this process) Then the female will leave the male, and the male will float in the water and wait for death.

The peculiar name of the blanket octopus comes from the blanket-like muscle membrane between its arms and legs. When faced with danger, they will stretch out their arms and legs and spread out a huge “blanket” in an attempt to scare away invading predators.

Blanket octopus
Blanket octopus

If you think this is just for looks, you are wrong. Although it is easy to attract predators with such a gorgeous appearance, the blanket octopus is not afraid at all. It will quickly extend its arms and legs and open its huge blanket to try to scare away predators. If it really can’t be beaten, let’s just run away. , there is nothing to be ashamed of, just use some ink to cause trouble when escaping, and throw a beautiful cloak to the enemy to confuse you, and buy yourself time to escape.

Fmale Blanket octopus

So silky, the blanket octopus is a female, and can even exceed two meters in length. The male is only 2.4 centimeters long. Compared with the male, the female blanket octopus is like a big mountain, with a ratio of about 20,000:1, or even 40,000:1. , and the lifelong mission of the male blanket octopus is to find a female, peel off a tentacle filled with sperm from the body and give it to the female to fertilize her eggs, and then the male will float in the water and wait for death.

Female Octopus
Female Octopus

The male sacrifices his life in order to have offspring, and the female leaves. If you love animals, Comments your ideas and share this article with your friends and relative.

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