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The six most beautiful tiger fish

This article introduces the six most beautiful tiger fish species, including Thai tiger fish, silver fish, Sumatran fish, New Guinea fish, Indonesian fish and Northern Thai fish. Each fish has its own unique characteristics and reasons for popularity, such as the golden color and clear lines of Thai fish, and the dazzling silver stripes of silver fish. For fish lovers, these fish species are of great ornamental value.

Tiger fish have always been popular for their bright colors and contrasting patterns, and are one of the most popular ornamental fish. So which fish are the most charming? Today, I will introduce you to the six most beautiful fish species, including Thai fish, silver fish, Sumatran fish, New Guinea fish, Indonesian fish and northern Thai fish. Let’s learn about them together.

1. Thai Tiger Fish

Thai Fish
Thai Fish

The first one is undoubtedly the Thai tiger fish. Among all kinds of tiger fish, the Thai tiger fish is the most expensive. The biggest difference is that its state is more stable than other tiger fish. The color is golden, the lines are very clear, and it is not easy to fade. It always maintains a bright state. Thai tiger fish are usually divided into three stripes and four stripes, among which three stripes are the main ones. According to different living environments, they are also divided into red skin and yellow skin. Since purebred Thai tiger fish are rare in the market, once they appear, they are worth a lot, so they are regarded as a symbol of wealth.

2. Silver Tiger Fish

Silver Fish
Silver Fish

The silver tiger fish, also known as the pollo tigerfish, is different from other tiger fish in that its unique silver stripes replace the traditional yellow stripes. They flash in the light, emitting bright fluorescence, which is more eye-catching. This fish is relatively rare in the market and has a slender body shape, which is different from other fish species. When purchasing, please note that the silver fish is more sensitive to water quality. If there is a problem with the water quality, the color of the fish may change. Therefore, observing the body color of the silver fish can reflect its health. Although the silver fish will also turn black, it will not be as extreme as the Indonesian fish.

3. Sumatran Tiger Fish

Sumatran Fish
Sumatran Fish

The production of Sumatran tiger is very rare. This fish is short and tall, with a bright yellow-black color, mainly showing a color combination of ink black and lemon yellow. Its patterns are clear and neat, and it was gradually discovered by people after it was captured. Whether it is day or night, the Sumatran tiger maintains its eye-catching colors. It is a diurnal fish with bold behavior. It likes to cruise in the aquarium. Compared with the Indonesian tiger, it is less likely to make trouble.

4. New Guinea Tigerfish

The New Guinea Tigerfish, also known as Campbell’s Pseudo-Grilled fish, is a popular tigerfish species among aquarists. This tigerfish is found in coastal waters of Asia, Oceania, New Guinea, and Australia. In recent years, the New Guinea Tigerfish has attracted much attention as a popular tigerfish subspecies. The color transition of its stripes is not as clear as that of other tigerfish. It may appear as black spots, and there are four black stripes on the sides of the fish body, and there are worm patterns on the edges of these black stripes. Compared with other tigerfish, the New Guinea Tigerfish is smaller in size, more expensive, and has a more variable body color, tending to be golden or green. Some aquarists are fascinated by it, but others think that its stripes are complicated and messy, and not beautiful enough.

5. Indonesian Tiger Fish

Indonesian tiger fish, also know as small-scaled pine snapper, is mainly distribute in the Chao Phraya River Basin and is one of the more common fish on the market. Compared with Thai fish, Indonesian fish is smaller and more slender, with finer black vertical stripes, and its price is much lower than that of Thai tiger fish. This is mainly because Indonesian fish are more timid and easily frightened, and the stripes are not as clear as those of Thai fish, so the price is more affordable. Indonesian tiger are nocturnal animals, usually coming out to forage at night, and tend to hide in corners to avoid light during the day. For novice fish breeders, raising Indonesian fish is not such a simple task.

6. Northern Thai Tiger Fish

The Northern Thai Tiger Fish, also known as the Bangkok Pseudo-Grilled Snapper. This is only one letter different from the other, but the price is very different. Compared to the tens of thousands of dollars for the Thai Fish. The Northern Thai Fish is relatively affordable and can be obtained for only a few hundred yuan. The Northern Thai Fish is very similar to the Thai Fish in shape and color. But is smaller in size and has more delicate black vertical stripes on its body. The Northern Thai Fish has a gentle personality and is suitable for mixed breeding with ornamental fish such as Arowana, Map Fish, Knife Fish, Parrot Fish, and Stingray. However, due to its predatory nature, it is not recommend to be mix with small fish unless you are willing to bear the possible losses.

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