what dinosaur has 500 teeth, Which dinosaur images did scientists initially get wrong?

Among the currently known dinosaurs, the hadrosaurus has the most teeth. Is it surprising? Because most of us must first think of carnivorous dinosaurs, such as Tyrannosaurus rex, Allosaurus, etc. They eat meat and gnaw bones, and they must have many teeth. But it’s not actually the case. Instead, the herbivorous dinosaur Hadrosaurus had the most teeth. in this article we are trying to brief what dinosaur has 500 teeth and some more details about dinosaurs.

What dinosaur has 500 teeth

According to archaeological discoveries, the hadrosaurus had more than 500 teeth. These teeth are arranged in several layers in the mouth, and some are even staggered. The whole body is flat. When eating, it is like a millstone. The leaves of grass roots and leaves are ground after a while. A lot of plants can be eaten in a day.

what dinosaur has 500 teeth
what dinosaur has 500 teeth

The true identity of Spinosaurus is a “pelican”?


Recently, paleontologistsscanned and reconstructed the skull of Irritator, the most complete spinosaur skull in existence. After research, they found that the mandibular joint of Irritator allowed the mandible to move outward when it opened its mouth. The expansion was about 40°, similar to that of today’s pelicans . This mouth structure results in a weaker bite force (relative to other large theropod dinosaurs ) and faster closing speed. The authors of the paper believe that this indicates that the diet of Jisaurus often consisted of small animals, but not small animals. Exclude large fish and smaller dinosaurs.

This pelican-like mouth feature may also be present in other spinosaur dinosaurs, so both paleontologists and the public have reimagined the image of spinosaur dinosaurs , especially the much-anticipated spinosaurs. Spinosaurus was immediately dubbed a large pelican, with its mouth wide open

In fact, the image of Spinosaurus has been changing over the past few decades. At first, like many dinosaurs, it was depicted in a “kangaroo-standing” posture; later, as other spinosaurs were discovered, the posture of Spinosaurus gradually tended to be able to walk on four legs, with a slender mouth and a good appetite for fish; and then Later, various anatomical features continued to support Spinosaurus’s adaptation to aquatic life; in 2020 & 2022, a basically complete tail and bone density research have determined the future direction of Spinosaurus’ image, a creature that can dive, swim and hunt fish. “Large Salamander “; I don’t know whether it will really become a “Large Pelican”…

Image source by Internet
Image source by Internet

Did you do it on purpose or accidentally?

Limited by fossils and historical background, it is normal for scientists to accidentally misunderstand the image and ecology of dinosaurs, such as the Spinosaurus mentioned above, and the Megalodon (usually translated as Megalosaurus) mentioned in other answers. ), Iguanodon and the “kangaroo stand” posture. With the deepening of research and the discovery of new fossils, the image of dinosaurs will be revised and become more realistic – the study of feathers and pigment colors allows us to see Unlock various skins of dinosaurs.

what dinosaur has 500 teeth

There are also scientists who get it wrong on purpose, like Marsh . Around 1905, he carved a model based on the head of Camarasaurus , then mounted it on the body of Brontosaurus and exhibited it to the public. It wasn’t until the 1970s that Brontosaurus found its head

Brontosaurus with a prosthetic head; source: Wikipedia
Brontosaurus with a prosthetic head; source: Wikipedia
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