Dogs Mating

Why Do dogs stuck during Dogs mating

I believe many people have seen two dogs mating with their own eyes, right? Why do dogs stick together back to back and are “inseparable” when mating? Many people don’t understand these reasons.

Physiological reasons for dogs

Why is it difficult to separate dogs during mating? This is because when dogs mate, a lock knot will be formed in the female dog’s body. Unless mating is over, it is difficult to separate. Therefore, dogs will be inextricable during mating.

Dogs mating
Dogs mating

Dogs’ mating strategies

Animals in nature have different mating strategies. Some animals adopt a “quick fight, quick decision” approach, but they mate many times; some animals lose their lives because of mating; and dogs adopt a long-term mating approach, but the number of mating times is relatively small.

The mating time of dogs is about 30 minutes, which is a very long time among animals in nature. It is the mating strategy that causes dogs to be inseparably connect.


Safer living environment

We all know that the ancestors of dogs are wolves, and wolves are social animals that often form wolf packs. Wolves living in groups have almost no natural enemies, so there is no need to worry even if the mating time is long.

In addition, in order to ensure safety during mating, wolves use a back-to-back method so that both parties have no blind spots and can survey the surrounding situation. Dogs have also inherited this characteristic, so they are inseparable.

To increase the chances of pregnancy

The mating process of dogs takes a long time and they are “inseparable”, but this can increase the chances of dogs getting pregnant and is a better way to leave offspring.

The reason why dogs choose to mate for a long time under the influence of natural selection is that their living environment is relatively safe and they don’t have to worry about being attacked by carnivores during mating.

Dogs Mating Chart
Dogs Mating Chart

What would happen if we forcibly separated them?

If you forcibly separate the dogs, they will get injure, and in serious cases they may even die. So next time you see dogs mating, don’t try to separate them!

How to take care of a dog in estrus?

Pay attention to hygiene: During estrus, the dog’s genitals will swell and bleed. It need to be cleaned regularly to prevent infection. In order to prevent the dog’s blood from flowing out and dirtying the house, you can put on sanitary pants for the dog and change them regularly.

Prevent unwanted pregnancy: If you don’t want your dog to get pregnant, you need to avoid letting your dog come into contact with the opposite sex during its estrus period.

Soothe the dog’s emotions: Dogs in estrus will be particularly irritable and restless because they want to find the opposite sex to mate. Pet owners should soothe the dog’s emotions appropriately and feed it some snacks to calm it down a little.

The recommend snack is “freeze-dried duck meat granules”. Each granule is real duck meat, freeze-dried granules, retain nutrition, delicious and healthy.

Nutritional supplement: The dog’s nutritional loss will accelerate during the estrus period. In addition, the dog’s appetite will be poor due to estrus, which will cause the nutritional loss to be faster. Therefore, pet owners must supplement the dog’s nutrition in time. It is recommend to choose a nutritionally balanced dog food for the dog.

For example, this “dog food” has a crude protein content of up to 32%. Which mainly comes from chicken and duck meat. It is an indispensable source of nutrition for dogs’ growth and development. Also contains purple sweet potato powder, kelp powder and other fruits and vegetables, a balanced diet with comprehensive nutritional sources. It also contains glucosamine salt + chondroitin sulfate to provide calcium, promote bone development, and protect joints.

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