6 signs your parrot is dying

Signs of death in parrots include loss of appetite, difficulty breathing, lethargy, abnormal excrement, weight loss, and changes in feather condition. Once these symptoms are found, the parrot should be taken to the doctor in time, and a comfortable environment should be created for it to relieve its pain.

Before a parrot dies, it will show some signs that make people feel uncomfortable.

Loss of appetite : Why is this little parrot not eating? It usually eats a lot, but now it won’t even look at the food bowl? Before dying, losing interest in food or even refusing to eat may be cause by illness, pain, or physical discomfort.

Difficulty breathing : wheezing…wheezing…why is it so difficult for the little guy to breathe? Panting, even breathing with his mouth open. Before dying, they may have symptoms of difficulty breathing, which may be cause by respiratory diseases, lung problems or body function failure. Quickly provide them with a comfortable environment to relieve their pain.

Mental depression : Why have you become so listless? Are you usually lively and active, but now you have lost interest in everything around you?


Abnormal excrement : Why does the excrement suddenly become so strange? The color and shape are all wrong, and it also emits an unpleasant odor.

Weight loss : How did you become so thin? Loss of appetite and physical discomfort caused my weight to drop sharply.

Feather condition changes : The feathers that were originally smooth and bright are now fluffy and messy, and some places have even fallen off. This must be a serious problem with the body!

When you observe the above symptoms in your parrot, you should take it to the doctor in time. The parrot should be carefully examine and treated, and a quiet and comfortable environment should be provided for the parrot to minimize its stress and discomfort.

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