Ekitrin sea snake

Amazing facts about Ekitrin sea snake, let’s know

Ekitrin sea snake Lives in tropical waters, mostly in shallow waters of the Australian Gulf. It has a large mouth, a slightly cylindrical body, a slender body, and a flat rear end and tail sides. It lives in the same sea as the box jellyfish .


Australia’s Akitlin Sea Snake (Hydrophis cyanocinctus), also known as “blue-ringed sea snake” and “spotted sea snake”, belongs to the class Reptilia and the family Hydrophidae. It lives in tropical waters, mostly in the shallow waters of the Australian Gulf. Ekitrin sea snake is a reptile that lives in the ocean. It is poisonous. It is 1.5-2 meters long. Its trunk is slightly cylindrical, its body is slender, and its rear end and tail are flattened. Its back is dark gray, and its abdomen is yellow or olive. It has 55-80 black rings on its body.

It lives in the ocean, is good at swimming, and preys on fish. Ekitrin sea snake lays eggs. It is distributed in the coastal waters of Taiwan and China. There are 23 species of sea snakes along the coast of China, among which the coastal areas of Guangdong and Fujian are rich in snake resources, with the largest number in the Beibu Gulf , where more than 50,000 kilograms can be caught each year.

Ekitrin sea snake
Ekitrin sea snake

Sea snakes live in groups, often swimming in groups of thousands, making them easier to catch. They are also phototropic , so using lights to lure them at night can yield more. [1]


The reason why sea snakes can kill their prey so quickly is that their venom acts on the nerves. After the prey is poisoned, the muscles quickly become paralyzed, respiratory failure occurs, and the heart stops beating. The lethal time of snakes that secrete nerve venom is generally shorter than that of snakes that secrete blood venom.

Utilize value

But sea snakes are treasures of the sea. According to modern pharmacologists, the venom of sea snakes can be use into a cancer drug called ” snake venom serum “. It can also be use to treat snake bites, sciatica , rheumatism and other diseases, and more than ten kinds of active enzymes can be extract; snake blood is also very effective in treating freckles; snake oil can be make into ointments and paints; snake gall can be soak in medicinal wine, which has the effect of nourishing the body and treating rheumatism; snake skin can be make into handbags, musical instruments, etc. In short, the whole body of sea snakes is a treasure. Its meat, gall, oil, skin, blood, venom, etc. can all be use as medicine.

The application of sea snakes as medicine in China began in the Tang Dynasty Chen Cangqi’s “Compendium of Materia Medica”. Modern medical research believes that: from the perspective of sea snake venom alone, it contains a variety of biological enzymes , has extremely high biological activity , can separate and purify a variety of enzymes, and is use in medicine, scientific research and bioengineering, which has attracted great attention from all countries. The international market has long been in short supply, and only a small amount of exports are make in the Philippines. The sea snake venom sale by Sigma Venom in the United States is sale at more than US$7,800 per gram, which is hundreds or thousands of times more expensive than gold. This shows how valuable it is.

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