Black Bear

Black bears are helpless when facing wolves.

A mother black bear climbed a tree with her two-month-old cub to avoid a gray wolf. A reindeer herd was chased by a wolf pack and a young reindeer was unfortunately captured. Goats went down the mountain to look for food and a young goat overcame its fear and jumped over a river. Wild horses fought fiercely during the mating season. The competition was fierce but dangerous.

A black bear mother is climbing down from a tree with her cub. It is hard to imagine that a two-month-old black bear cub can actually climb a tree. The black bear mother just ended hibernation not long ago, and the black bear cub has just been exposed to the outside world. For the black bear cub, its mother is everything. Even as one of the top predators on this continent, the black bear cannot completely guarantee the safety of its cubs. It smelled something unusual, and a gray wolf appeared here.

Black bear
Black bear

Little black bear

This is not a good sign. The little black bear also climbed up the tree very cleverly. Even if the black bear is strong, it can sometimes be in trouble when facing a wolf pack. Climbing a tree is a skill that black bear cubs must have, and it can help them survive danger at critical moments. The mother black bear also climbed up the tree. They will spend the night in the tree to ensure the safety of the little black bear. This is the Rocky Mountains in North America. Wolves are an existence that no animal here can ignore. Although their individual abilities are not outstanding, their teamwork is terrifying. The wolf pack has found the prey and they are approaching the prey.

The wolf pack’s target was the reindeer herd. A young reindeer got separated from its mother, who had no choice but to run away. The wolves were still chasing the other reindeer. They separated to hunt and patrol, which was also one of their strategies. In the panic, there were always young reindeer that would fall behind.

File Photo
File Photo

Little reindeer

Unfortunately, the little reindeer was captured, and the reindeer herd quieted down. The color of reindeer hair changes with the seasons, and their antlers all fall off during this season, so they look weird. The wolf pack also has a lot of cubs at this time, which means they need to get more food, so the wolf pack will often go out hunting to ensure the cubs grow up smoothly.

With the arrival of spring, these goats also come down from the mountains to the plains to look for food. At this time, they will show their own dance, commonly known as sheep epilepsy. At this time, the lambs will also learn to dance from their mothers. This dance is something they are born with and they can dance well without learning. Once you start this dance, it is easy to not stop. However, the way down the mountain is not so easy to walk. It is a challenge for these lambs in particular. Fortunately, they are all very brave, and they will face greater challenges next.


For goats, steep cliffs are nothing, but turbulent rivers are a bit dangerous. They must cross the river. The leader on the opposite side will jump over first, and the other goats will follow. One by one, they float over. Every goat floated over safely, but a little goat was scared. After all, such a current is too difficult for a little goat. At this time, its mother came to encourage it. If the little goat did not jump over, the flock would abandon it and continue to move forward, which would undoubtedly be fatal to it.

The lamb finally mustered up the courage to jump down, but the current was too fast. The lamb had no way to resist and was directly washed down. Its mother was also helpless on the shore. The rocks were very smooth and the lamb had no way to stand firmly. The instinct for survival made the lamb desperately climb to the shore. If it was washed away, the consequences would be disastrous. Fortunately, Xiao Yang finally climbed up with perseverance. The lamb overcame its fear and burst out with unexpected strength, but it will face more challenges in the future.

There is also a group of wild horses living here. In normal times, the horses live in peace and harmony. But when the mating season comes, everything changes. The atmosphere in the herd becomes very tense. Fights can happen at any time. They bite and kick each other.

Such a fight may seem dangerous, but it is not safe at all. Every time they kick each other, they may injure their legs. If the horse’s legs are injured, it is fatal to them. The fight will end with one side losing and running away. Although the fight has stopped.

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