animals mating

The animals mating with the longest time

In order to allow their offspring to have a better living space. They often try every means to allow as many of their sperm as possible to enter the female’s body. Giving their offspring a larger living space.

However, for their own survival, females also have ways to fight against males and prevent their sperm from entering their bodies.
Compared with other animals, males of the Malvinas civet cat have carried forward this method of fighting, leaving females with no chance at all. The result is that during mating, females are completely powerless to resist, and mating takes a long time. So
how does it do this?

Animals mating

1. The cat species with the largest penis bone.

The Maldivian civet cat is a small cat that is active at night. Its main food source is insects and other small animals. The
Maldivian civet cat is very thin, only about 1.2 kilograms, but its weight is well adapted to its life.
Because of its small weight, it becomes more flexible when climbing trees, so it will not be threatened by some predators on the ground when foraging.

Its weight is moderate, which does not make it too bulky, so it is more convenient to move.
Its claws are also very sharp, which can help it not slip when walking on the tree, and can also help it catch more food.
The tail of the Malvinas civet is also very powerful, which can help it jump on the tree, allowing it to fly up on the tree trunk and easily jump over some obstacles.
At the same time, its tail can also help it maintain balance while walking, so that it will not fall when walking on the tree.

File Photo
File Photo

The penis bone of the Falkland Island civet cat is also very special. Its penis bone is 23 cm long, which is also the largest penis bone in the cat family.
The penis bone is a bone found in the penis of many placental animals, which can help male animals last longer during mating.
Not every animal has a penis bone. In birds and reptiles, there are no bones on their penises, and they are only controlled by muscles.
Moreover, this bone is not possessed by every placental animal. For example, humans and pigs do not have this bone in their penises. Only a few placental animals have it.

Animals mating
Animals mating

Penis bone

The penis bone is made up of a tissue called the corpus cavernosum, which can be filled with blood and maintain sufficient hardness during mating. It will not soften due to prolonged time, which would lead to a decrease in the female pregnancy rate.

Animals mating
Animals mating

The formation of the penis bone in placental animals is controlled by a hormone called testosterone.
In placental animals, the higher the level of testosterone, the longer and wider the penis bone will be.
During mating, the penis bone can last longer, which can increase the female’s pregnancy rate, thereby allowing her offspring to have a better living environment.

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File photo

2. The mating time of animals.

The mating time of animals is different. Some animals mating have a long time, while others have a short mating time.
Snakes have a long mating time, which may last for several hours or even several days.
The reason why snakes have a long mating time is that there are small bone pieces on the penis of males. These small bone pieces can lock the vagina of females during mating, so that females have no way to escape and can only mate with it, which makes the mating time longer.

The mating time of dragonflies is relatively short, and their mating time may only be a few minutes or even a few seconds.
When mating, the female dragonflies will bend their abdomens so that the male’s penis can directly connect with the female’s genitals, so that the sperm can quickly enter the female’s body. The
mating time of whales is also very short, usually only a few minutes, but their mating time is repeated continuously, and they may mate for several days in a row.

Whales mate in the water, and their genitals are relatively large. So the mating time in the water will be relatively long.
And because of their large size, their movements will become slower during mating, which will make the mating time longer.
During mating, the male will stand on the female’s body. Then use his tail to insert his genitals into the female’s genitals.

The mating time of frogs is also relatively long. Males will use various methods to attract the attention of females and let the females choose them. Which will make the mating time longer.

3. The disappearance of the penis bone.

The existence and disappearance of the penis bone changes according to the animal’s ecological environment and survival needs.
The existence of the penis bone is to maintain sufficient hardness during mating, so that the female can conceive and give her offspring a better living space.
The disappearance of the penis bone is because animals found that the penis bone is not very useful during the evolution process.
Among animals without a penis bone, males also have no problem, and they can also mate with females during mating.

During the evolution of animals, the penis bone will gradually degenerate and eventually disappear.
The penis bone of the Falkland Island civet cat is the largest. Its males can maintain mating for up to 8 hours. So that the females can get pregnant and their offspring can have a better living space.
However, this behavior is also very physically demanding. So after mating, the males will collapse to the ground and let their physical strength slowly recover.

File Photo
File Photo

The Falkland Island civet cat ensures that the female is pregnant in this way. This behavior has been continuously selected in the process of evolution. So that its offspring can gain a better survival advantage.
During the mating process, some unfertilized eggs will be expelled from the body. Which will make the female more attractive. That more males can be attracted to mate, making it easier for the female to conceive.

civet cat


The penis bone plays an important role in the animal world, but humans do not have it. Does this mean that humans have gradually reduce their demand for mating time. Aand hardness in the process of evolution, and instead paid more attention to advantages in other aspects?
For the Malvinas, its offspring can obtain a better living space. So it can continue to reproduce with more confidence. But will this behavior affect its offspring and make its offspring more dependent on it?

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