Black Panther

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The black panther is a mammal of the genus Panthera in the family Felidae, order Carnivora. It is a melanistic variant of the leopard. The black panther is completely black and has a body length of 1 to 1.7 meters. Under strong light, its fur will show faint spots. The black fur of black panthers is the result of a genetic mutation cause by a variety of factors including the environment. 

Black panthers are found in southern Asia, the Arabian Peninsula and Africa, and live in forests, mountains, grasslands and deserts. Black panthers are solitary and active at night. They can climb trees and swim. Black Panther can run at speeds of up to 60 kilometers per hour and can jump 6 meters away and 3 meters high. They are know as the “all-around champion”. Black panthers have extremely sensitive vision, hearing and sense of smell, and can prey on a variety of small and medium-sized animals. The gestation period of a black panther is about 100 days, and they give birth to 1 to 3 cubs per litter. They reach sexual maturity at the age of 3, and their lifespan is generally 20 years. 

The ancient Greeks considered Dionysus and Osiris to be the same god. The priests of both gods were dress in panther skins, and panthers were used to drive Dionysus’ chariot. The two gods were often equate with Jesus. Medieval writers also often praised the panther. In fables, animals are attract by the sweet smell of the panther and follow it. Only the dragon runs away and hides in a cave, which is similar to the devil’s fear of Christ and flees. After the end of the Middle Ages, the panther, which was so important in pre-Christian beliefs, was often regarde as evil.

Black Panther details chart
Black Panther details chart

Morphological characteristics

The black panther is black all over and has a body length of 1 to 1.7 meters. The leopard has a smaller head than a tiger, shorter ears, and a tail length of about 70 to 95 centimeters. It weighs about the same as an adult, and has many black hollow spots on its yellowish-brown body. 


Black panthers live in forests, mountains, grasslands, and deserts in the wild.

Living habits

The black panther is solitary and active at night. It can climb trees and swim. Black Panther can run at a speed of 70 kilometers per hour and can jump 6 meters away and 3 meters high. It is know as the “all-around champion”. Black Panther has extremely sensitive vision, hearing and smell. It preys on a variety of small and medium-sized animals. 

Black Panther

Reproduction method


Black panthers reach sexual maturity at 2 to 3 years old, and their estrus period is not fix. The estrus period is more obvious from October to April of the second year. The estrus cycle is 7 to 10 days, and mating is generally ideal on the second or third day of estrus. During the estrus season, if a female leopard shows a docile temperament, is active, has a loss of appetite or goes on a hunger strike, rolls on the ground and makes soft calls, it means that she is in estrus and can be confine for mating.

Cage mating

During the non-breeding season, black panthers are kept in separate cages. Before they are caged together, the female and male leopards need to be place in two adjacent cages. So that they can look at each other through the net and gradually get to know each other. The male leopard can achieve the purpose of expressing his feelings by sniffing the secretions of the female leopard. Since black panthers are sensitive and vigilant, they need a period of adaptation. During this period, you must be patient and meticulous, and the cage time should be gradually extend several times a day.

If the estrus is good, the female leopard usually takes the initiative to approach the male leopard, and mating is also smooth. After mating occurs, in order to ensure the pregnancy rate, it is necessary to cage them together for about 7 days. Cages are combine in the early morning when it is quiet.


If the female leopard does not show any signs of estrus during the next estrus period. It can be preliminarily determine that she is pregnant. After 50 days, the female leopard’s abdominal circumference increases and her breasts become more visible. Which can confirm that she is pregnant. The gestation period of a black panther is about 100 days. The amount of food you feed her can be increase after she becomes pregnant.


Prepare a delivery room and box for the pregnant female leopard 15 days before giving birth. Let her adapt to the environment as soon as possible. Make sure the box is dark and quiet, especially during the delivery period. Cover the delivery room with thick fiberboard to reduce external interference and provide a darker environment for delivery. Black panthers give birth to 1 to 3 cubs per litter.

Breastfeeding care

There must be a dedicate person to raise the leopards, monitor them 24 hours a day. Observe and record them. Female leopards are very sensitive to changes in the environment after giving birth, and react strongly to any disturbance. To prevent female leopards from having stress reactions such as grabbing, abandoning, or even eating their cubs. The cage should be kept quiet and free from disturbance. 

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