Small red ants

small red ants can cause serious damage, how can we prevent

Small red ants are not ordinary ants. It is a very aggressive. Poisonous insects that are extremely toxic and can be fatal in severe cases

● How scary are red ants?

Red fire ants are invasive organisms

Native to Brazil and Argentina

After it was first discovered in my country in 2004

Spreading at an alarming rate

It is one of the most destructive invasive organisms.

Let’s understand first

Red Ants
Red Ants

    The red fire ant is a highly destructive invasive organism, with a body length of about 3-7 mm, similar to other ants. The reason why it is called “fire ant” is to describe the pain of being bitten by it, which is like a burn.

Red Ants Groups
Ants Groups

    When a large amount of venom in the poison sac of red fire ants is inject into your skin. It will immediately cause a severe burning sensation, and local skin will form red spots, blisters, hard swellings, and itching. When the blisters burst, they can also cause secondary bacterial infections.

Small Red Ant
Small Red Ant

    The venom of red fire ants also contains a small amount of water-soluble proteins and other substances, which can cause allergic reactions in a few people with allergic constitutions. In severe cases, it can cause anaphylactic shock, such as difficulty breathing, pale complexion, laryngeal or bronchial edema and spasm, low blood pressure, dizziness, fatigue, coma, convulsions, etc., and in severe cases, it can lead to death.

● What should you do if you are bitten?



First apply ice or cool water to the bitten area.


Wash hands
Wash hands

Then wash the affected area with hand sanitizer or soapy water.


Use ointment
Use ointment

You can use steroid-containing ointments such as Picon Cream for external application. You can also use oral antihistamines under the guidance of a doctor to relieve itching and swelling.


Keep the wound clean. Do not scratch it to avoid breaking the pustule, which may cause secondary infection.


If you have a history of allergies or if the reaction to the bite is severe, you must go to the hospital immediately for medical treatment.

● What should you do if you find red ants?

It is not recommend for individuals to participate in the eradication ▼

    The main biological characteristic that distinguishes red fire ants from ordinary ants is their aggressiveness. If someone finds a suspected red fire ant nest, stamp hard on the edge of the nest a few times, and after a few seconds, hundreds of ants will swarm out and crawl around. Furthermore, if you use tools such as branches (do not use your hands to tease them to avoid being attacked and hurt), they will climb onto the tools (ordinary ants will avoid them). If the above situation occurs, it can be preliminarily determined that it is likely to be a red fire ant.

    There are different ways to eliminate fire ants, such as poison bait, nest filling, granules, and powders, but these methods are relatively professional and it is not recommended for individuals to participate in the elimination of red fire ants. Once an ant nest is found, it is recommend to report it to the local agricultural department immediately, and professional departments will organize professionals to eliminate it.

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