What are the living habits of pigeons?

Pigeons are birds that like a quiet environment and have a strong homing habit. Pigeon live near human settlements and have relatively strong adaptability to the environment.

The habits

habits of pigeon
habits of pigeon

The habits of pigeons. When raising pigeon, the surrounding environment is noisy and uneasy, which will have a certain impact on the growth of pigeon. Strange sounds, flashes and bad stimulation will cause panic and stress in pigeon, which means that pigeon are very sensitive to pigeon. Relatively sensitive to behavioral responses to surrounding stimuli. In order to prevent pigeons from running away from home and never coming back, during the process of raising pigeon, mates should be selected for the pigeon in time to prevent the pigeon from flying away and not coming back. What do pigeons eat? How to feed pigeon?


Pigeon feed
Pigeon feed

What kind of feed do pigeon eat to grow fast? Breeding pigeon should mainly rely on plant food, and generally there is no need to add animal feed. Grain feeds are often prepared to meet energy needs, and some legume feeds are used to meet protein needs. If pigeons want to grow quickly, it is better to choose a variety of miscellaneous grains. Various feed grains can complement each other. Feed for pigeons, such as sorghum, wheat, mung beans, peas, peanuts, buckwheat , etc. are all acceptable. . Choose the feed that is easiest to obtain. Pigeons do not eat bugs and can be fed raw feed directly.

Eating habits

Train the pigeons’ eating habits. Generally, do not change the feed that the pigeons are accustomed to eating. Once changed, the pigeons will be more likely to reduce their food intake due to the different food they usually eat, which will affect the normal growth of the pigeons. When feeding pigeons, you can also provide them with fresh green feed, as well as mineral-containing yellow sand or eggshell powder to supplement calcium, salt, etc.

Pigeons must consciously feed miscellaneous grains from the beginning of feeding, and avoid giving pigeons a single feed. Pigeon are accustomed to eating a single feed. If they are fed other feeds, it will be difficult for the pigeon to change, which will seriously affect the normal growth of the pigeon. When choosing feed for pigeons, try to be as diverse as possible. You can mix it with wheat, sorghum, corn, peas, peanuts or mung beans. It can meet the pigeons’ daily nutritional needs.



The breeding of pigeons. Most pigeon hatch two eggs at a time. A couple of pigeon can breed at least eight clutches a year. If there is sufficient food, they can breed one clutch per month. It usually takes 18 to 19 days for a pigeon to hatch out of its shell. The newly hatched pigeon grow rapidly and can double their weight in one day. The pigeon’ eyes are closed when they are hatched. It takes about 4 days for the pigeon to start to open their eyes. After about 60 days, the young pigeon leave the nest to look for food on their own.

Pigeon feathers

5. Increase the brightness of pigeon feathers. The shiny and beautiful homing pigeons are even more loved by breeders. No matter what kind of pigeon, as long as the feathers are beautiful and neat, people will love them. During the moulting period of pigeons, adding more protein, oil and other feeds to the pigeons’ feed can greatly increase the brightness of the pigeon’ feathers, especially for breeding homing pigeon.

Fly away

Methods to prevent pigeons from flying away and not coming back. Pigeons themselves are a kind of “home-loving” bird. No matter how far they fly, they will try their best to fly back to their birthplace. Therefore, pigeon will not fly too far when they fly outward. Will settle near the place of birth. The failure of pigeon to fly away has a lot to do with environmental factors. Pigeon do not like noisy sounds because pigeon are naturally sensitive and alert. Breeding pigeon generally do not get lost under good environmental conditions.

When the living environment If it is not suitable, the pigeon will have to move somewhere else. After the pigeon become sexually mature, they need to be paired in a planned way. The pigeon that are successfully paired are inseparable and generally will not change their living place. If there is a pigeon from outside that is successfully paired with it, the female pigeon will fly away with her partner and stay in a nearby place. settle down. Pigeon in estrus must be paired in time, and they can also be isolated to prevent the pigeon in estrus from being abducted. Okay, that’s it for this chapter’s sharing. Welcome to pay attention. If you like it, give it a like and leave.

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